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Donna brings a wealth of skills and over twenty years of experience as a holistic therapist, coach and teacher, to the Worcester House Centre.

Her work focuses on helping people to either regain or maintain their health and to achieve a feeling of general well-being, particularly when they are experiencing periods of stress, anxiety, depression and along with any associated symptoms, including sleep problems.

Many physical symptoms manifest because of stress and emotional issues and can be improved by a holistic approach to healthcare. Times of change, especially in life patterns, relationships and work are examples of areas where Donna’s unique skills can be brought together to help you make the changes necessary to enjoy a better quality of life and experience a sense of harmony and well-being.

Donna incorporates her life experiences and previous professional training as a Homeopath, Coach and Asyra Bio-Energetic Health Screening practitioner to provide a unique mix of therapeutic techniques that will help you on the road to good health as well as giving you an insight into and an understanding of the unlimited and powerful potential we all possess for well-being.

SCENAR pain relief therapy is another treatment modality that Donna offers to anyone who is dealing with any form of physical pain. Scenar is a safe, non-invasive and very effective method of pain relief. Its sophisticated, advanced technology can be used by people of all ages and in any state of health. Scenar treatments can ‘stand-alone’ or as part of a more in depth health and well-being consultation.

“A little about me … since originally qualifying with a BSc Honours degree in Health Sciences and Homeopathy from Westminster University, I have continued to learn about and add various other valuable complementary skills to my portfolio. I am a fully qualified Asyra/Qest4 Bio-Energetic Health Screening practitioner and SCENAR therapist and trainer. I am a qualified Adult Educator, as well as a Life and Health & Well-being personal coach.

Please feel free to get in touch for an informal chat about how I can help you or if you require any further information”.

Key info

Name: Donna Draper
Phone: 01730 233 414

Areas of focus

observations on health, medicine, society and policymaking with a particular emphasis on the relationship between natural/alternative and orthodox practices

Latest stories

Re-examining Homeopathy

The ‘new biology’, which became at least partially credible for most people with the defining of PNEI (psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology) or, that thoughts and feelings affect hormones and physiology, leads us to the conclusion that intention, belief, conviction, faith, prayer etc. cannot be conveniently separated from real, physical medicine. There is of course still a major cultural challenge...

Cigarettes: shock, horror.

You may have noted the small flurry of articles this April in the early discovery period of the characteristics of Covid 19, mentioning that smokers had shown up as a disproportionately small fraction of hospitalised cases. Several sets of figures have been recorded around the world. Initially for 480 positive patients at one Paris hospital of whom 350 ended up hospitalised around 5% were smokers...

Natural Health – A User’s Guide

If you have been observing the natural, complementary or alternative healthcare movement for some time, and particularly if you have been seeking for solutions to improve your own condition, you may well have reached a point where the messages from practitioners and promoters seem confusing, exaggerated or even counter-factual. Polarised against these messages, you probably also see the section...

Corona Conspiracy Themes

A major crisis always brings old and new conspiracy theories (‘conspiracy facts’ to their devotees) out for an airing. In the community of natural health advocates , this is highly prevalent, quite reasonably, as it goes with the territory of needing to be on the lookout for where orthodox health thinking is not serving some people very well. There is a certain popular format to the...

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